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There is a development ( not improvement) planned for 6265 Broadway st. along the canal ( opposite the parking garage & behind CVS ) The plan is to change a small single dwelling home on a block with many trees into a massive 5 units (  with 10-15 occupants approx. )

    The Proposed building is 45 ft tall occupies the whole canal front and removes the road access along the canal leaving only a very tight & restricted walkway , which does not match the open space & walkways along the rest of the canal.

The final look of the building is a HUGE VISUAL WALL & will block the view of all the residents around this area of the canal space/area which is now open. The plan & design is NOT in keeping with the current look & feel of the Warfleigh homes which are set back the front side of the property & have a lot of open space. It also Intrudes/ENCROACHES into the canal walkway & canal area and disrupts the natural flow of open space along the WHOLE Canal way.

Just as the BEACH Homeowners in Los Angeles tried to take away beach access from the public this development is trying to restrict & change public access to the CANAL in front of this development.

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