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Greetings Neighbors, my name is Mitch Strukel and I am in the Real Estate business. Best description of what I do is just about anything to do with Real Estate.
I have appraised some of your neighbor’s homes for tax appeals, mortgages and estate purposes. The name of my appraisal company is Proven Appraisals. Provenappraisals@yahoo.com
Mitchell Property Services is my Real Estate Brokerage firm. I assist people on a variety of real estate transactions. Not only with buying and selling services but also with property inspections; property management; and consulting on investment property.
Another interest I have and maybe the most gratifying to me is the property restoration business. In the last 10 years of rehabbing properties I have compiled a list of people I trust and can do business with. I would be happy to share their names to anyone interested. Some of the areas are: replacement windows, insulation, paint and drywall work, kitchens and baths, flooring, handyman services and tractor work. Small tractor (bucket on front and backhoe on back) work like: stump removal, grading and light digging. And I plow snow in the winter. (Actually, I plow when it snows, but it tends to snow in winter.)
Please give me a call if I can assist you in any of the above areas.
Thanks and warm neighborly regards,
Mitch Strukel
317-979-4054 cell
317-475-9384 home/business line

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Hi Mitch,

How much would it cost to get the 6200 block of N. Delaware plowed when it snows? I'd go door-to-door collecting cash if enough of my neighbors were interested. I think the city has only done it once since I've been here (6 years), and things aren't looking any better for this coming winter.

Joe Boda
Hi Joe, a little would depend on how well you would like it done. Let me explain. If I remenber right Delaware is a fairly wide street. I have had people want their street plowed from sidewalk to sidewalk or just two paths down the center of the road. The latter option leaves a large mound of snow some feet into the road, but cheeper. I will drive down the street today and get back with you on a price. Don't hold me to it but I would think between $100 and $200, closer to the $100.



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