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Re: our meeting at Doug DeGlopper's on Sun. evening: I spoke with the Wheat's and they are all for letting us use the picture of their house in the paper. In fact they said that Alan gave them the picture of the house. What is the next step? Should I contact Alan and discuss the possibility of an article or two about historical Warfleigh? I am sure we all have our own questions about the history and some of the oddities in Warfleigh. It would be great to know some of the history. Chris: if you are listening, I/we don't want to step on the toes of the conservation group but at the meeting we discussed this possibility of getting in the Broad Ripple Gazette and shed a little light on our slice of paradise (the quieter side of Broad Ripple).
Second thing, I searched around for grants and found one through INPAWS, Indiana Native Plant and Wildflower Society. Jane Lommel from BRAG actually won one last year to redevelop a boulevard along Binford. We might want to consider this for the area at the intersection of 64th and Washington.

I open to other ideas as well.

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thanks John. I will mention this when I speak to Alan as well. If anyone has other ideas that you would like to see or get answers to let me know.
I think it would be good to profile those homes that are the oldest/originators of the subdivision and also the original layout.
I believe someone mentioned at the meeting that the bridge was the original Meridian St. when it went behind St. Paul's.

Two or three WNA meetings ago I asked if there would be any interest in doing a documentary/video piece on the history of Warfleigh, and I was told by someone there (can't remember who) that it had already been done. I can't remember any of the specifics, but I think it was a slide show of old photos with narration shown at someone's house when the Warfleigh Neighborhood Association was getting started/restarted.

If I could get a copy, I could put it up on this site.


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