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Just a quick thread to find out how everybody brews. I brew with a friend of mine who lives in Littleflower/Irvington neighborhood. We started extract brewing about two years ago. We have recently decided to start trying the full mash recipes.

My buddies kegerator just went out this week too. If anyone knows of a line on a chest freezer or upright fridge we could buy, let me know.

As of today we have two batches finishing up in their secondary fermenters, a blonde ale that was continuosly hopped and a brown ale.

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For an old refrigerator, check any of the area Lowe's, Menard's, or Home Depots. Menard's on 96th up in Fishers would probably be your best bet. When people buy new refrigerators, the old ones usually get hauled back to the store. They are then offered for sale. Prices usually range from $50 and up. I found that you'll have to spend at least $150 to get something that won't blow up within 3 weeks. Otherwise you might just have to hunt the old staples of Craigslist or the classifieds.
My kegerator is my old fridge that was replaced when we remodeled our kitchen. Once you get one, Great Fermentations will let you borrow the drill bit needed to drill the hole necessary for the tap(s).


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