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How can I gain access to the Warfleigh Neighborhood Association bylaws?  I remember voting on them in early 2011, but haven't seen anything of them since.  I understand we may not want to post them here on a public website, but as a Warfleigh resident I'd like to understand how / where I can re-familiarize myself with them. 


I messaged Will with a request, but have not received a response.  Can anyone help me?


Thank you,


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Will sent me a note saying he'd send me the bylaws, but I haven't seen anything.  Is there another member of the WNA who can please help me gain access to the public WNA bylaws?  I really want to be informed.  Without bylaws, how do we know the rules and policies governing the WNA?


Thank you,


They were posted back in 2010 after they were approved as an attachment to the post linked below.



Thanks Steve.


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