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The annual meeting for the Warfleigh Neighborhood Assn will be Thursday, March 6, from 6:30 - 8 pm in the Parish Hall at St. Paul's. The agenda (ATTACHED TO THIS POST) includes election of officers for WNA.

The slate for election includes:

President: Steve Brining

Vice President: Barbara Seely

Secretary: Anna Carey

Treasurer: Lynn Levy

Director: Joe Fox

Representatives of various community/city organizations will also be on hand to provide updates on issues important to Warfleigh.

Please note this is a change of date from the original January date. We needed more advance notice to be in compliance with the WNA bylaws.

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According to the WNA bylaws:


Notice of any Voting Member Meeting, except for a Special Meeting, shall be provided at

least thirty (30) calendar days prior to the meeting 

Good to know, but we have pressing issues that really need some new blood to get on them. 

hey Mary Ann, thanks for the heads up. We are changing the date, will re post once we get the church space tied down

Hopefully she has a good reason to push this back....

It's because the issues facing Warfleigh are so important that I raise this.  If the notice provision isn't followed, the vote isn't valid.  Thanks Chris for changing the date.

It's Bridget, and you are welcome :) The new date will be March 6.

Re update on flood insurance: what about inviting Lori Miser from DPW to attend this meeting? Or/and someone from Rep Brooks' local office? This would be a chance for them to update us and for them to hear us. I am sure a lot of people from the neighborhood would want to attend.

Hi Linda,


Thanks for the input, great ideas. We are working to get a rep from both DPW and Rep. Brooks' office. One benefit to changing our date is that we will have more time to get commitments from folks like this.



And how about somebody from the Mayor's office? The city has been promoting BRV as a "Cultural District." How well is that going to continue to work if the NFIB premium rates devalue the surrounding residential areas?

Agreed! We are inviting the Neighborhood Liaison(s), who are our reps to the Mayor. Thanks :)

I also wonder what the BRVA's position is on this. The more people making noise, the more likely someone will listen! Especially if it looks like it will be bad for local business. I couldn't find anything about the levee project or NFIB premiums on BRVA.org.


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