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What's up with the fire department dredging/diving on the canal by the Central Ave bridge?

About 3 pm when I was driving by I noticed a lot of activity on that corner, by the "camera" man's house.  There was a fire truck and an ambulance across the street in the church parking lot, and there was a lot of dive gear spread out on a tarp.  Across the street/canal right on the tow path by the bridge was 5-6 men, several in firemen gear, and one was holding onto the end of what looked like a dredge net (which was in the water).  There was also a diver in the water who had surfaced to talk to the men on the bank.


Does anyone know what is going on?  The location seems to be more than coincidence, and there's really only two reasons they'd be there:  Training, or official business (dredging for ... a body?).  I can't imagine why that location would be an ideal spot to be training in.

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I saw it too.  they looked pretty relaxed.  My guess is they decided to pick a nice spot in BR to train with minimum currents.


I'm also betting camera guy ran out of disk space today.

Training. Karen had the pleasure of having lunch at Flat Water when they were in there. She's happiest around men in uniform ;-)

I saw them too. There weren't any squad cars or ambulances so I dismissed it as training.


And camera guy (his name is Jeff) is NOT out of disk space. He came by and took my picture as I mowed the front lawn today. As soon as I throttled down he took off at a brisk pace. I'd love to make nice with the guy, but yeah... I don't think he and I communicate on the same plane of existence.


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