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Anyone know what bugs have been swarming over and around the canal the last two nights (at least)? I've driven along south of the canal toward Central and then up Central, and both nights what I initially mistook for fog over the water turned out to be swarms of insects. I wouldn't want to be walking along the canal! Just curious - never seen anything like it.

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I have been wondering the same thing. I've seen them as far up as 64th street and they really are obnoxious. I bought my house last November so this is the first August I've been here and thought maybe they were a normal occurrence. They're horrible, especially after all the rain last night. I'm hoping they won't be around for long!
I actually called the Dept. of Health biologist last week, because this is the WORST in the ten years I've lived here. They're called "midges" and he said that they'd be through the peak of the mating cycle ("ewwww") by the end of the week. I'm noticing that they're better already, so hopefully they'll be gone soon!
I have been asking all around- can you believe how awful it has been?!?!?! Cheers to our CVS employees for having to endure the bugs flying inside....Thanks for the info..I'm going to Google MIDGES now :)
Wow thanks Amy! It's incredibly bad, isn't it? I hadn't thought about those poor CVS folks, but anyone who lives next to the canal or even a block away has to be experiencing some pretty bad stuff too. Yuck!
I just hope the peak of my mating cycle isn't over by the end of the week! You wanna try cycling along the canal!


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