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Does anyone know what's up with all the new rocks on the canal south of Central?  Are they just instituting the proposed canal repairs from several years ago - the project a lot of us fought against as it was so ugly - in smaller pieces so they don't have to get neighborhood approval?

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It's a USACE/Citizens pilot project to test two different kinds of canal bank stabilization.  I'm trying to find more documentation to post here, but it will be roughly between College and Meridian, with two types of stabilization.  One will involve the rip rap or rocks, and the other a fiber/straw roll on the waterline.

Personally, after seeing it, I don't mind the rip rap.

Same here.  So far I think it'll be just fine.

I've uploaded a few pdfs of the designs for the pilot project.  The "Hoosier Aquatic Cross section" and the "JFNew typical Sections" are from a contact over at Citizens.

I did also ask about the seeming discrepancy in grading the canal banks between the two pilot projects, as the side with the rocks/rip-rap appears to have been completed with much more effort to restore the bank before applying the covering.


Thanks for the work, Steve.  The cross sections look similar to what we have, though I haven't paid much attention to whether the coir logs are there. The steps sloping down to the water on the south side are really cool!


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