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I see the yellow house and my favorite tree in the village are tagged for demolition. Beside the canal behind the CVS. Are they building apartments or condos? 

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Meeting Notes:  6265& 6289 Broadway Street, Greg Stoll owner of the property, working with Tad Lupton, Architect, and David Kingen regarding changes to the plan for developing a multifamily building.  Will be filing with DMD in July for an August hearing date.  See site plan handout in file.

  • David Kingen explained this could now be a two-lot project rather than the original one property that was presented earlier.  They are still working with the owner of 6289 Broadway, Darla Barnett, and hope to have everything concluded soon.  There will now be four structures with owner occupied units.  Zoning to be change from

D-4 to D-6 and variance will be needed for height, setbacks and amentias.  The 6265 house is very close to the right-of-way of the canal and will be asking for a zero line setback to the canal.  Need encroachment permits.  Site is triangular in shape.  This building can act as a buffer to the existing homes and from CVS.

  • Tad Lupton explained they have taken some of the suggestions from the last time before the LUD committee and all the parking will be in an enclosed side yard.  The middle buildings will be 2-story town homes with two bedrooms.  The end buildings will be stacked one-bedroom flats with the corners having two bedrooms.  The exterior will be stone and hardy plank panels on the corners in a color.  Will have the look of a 2-story building with 10-foot balconies that will have 5 feet inside and a 5-foot overhang.  There will be no elevators but each unit will have its own stairs for access to the rooftop.
  • Kathy Andry suggested having elevators, as this will add to the value of the building.
  •  Lynn Levy mentioned the visibility from the windows to the stairs and Lupton explained wanting this to be like a seaside building for views.
  • Jim Holland asked about Laverock Road and Kingen explained that is public right-of-way and would remain.
  • Adam Hill asked about other homes owners in the area and Stoll explained he has talked to the neighbors and only two homes are owner occupied, the others are rentals.
  • Andry explained there are 10 other properties and 6 or 7 are owner occupied.
  • Kingen explained they have gone door to door and rentals are dominate.
  • Andry asked if they have meet with Warfleigh and Kingen mentioned they would.
  • Hill asked about rentals and Stoll explained there would be commitments for no rentals.
  • Rachel Kessling asked about the inner courtyard and Lupton explained this would be concrete stamped to look like brick.  Kessling suggested a pervious pavement of some kind and asked that they also consider a green roof and a bio-swell for drainage.
  • Levy mentioned this is a flood zone and need to be careful of water runoff and especially the position of this development to the load on the bank of the canal.
  • Brooke Klejnot suggested contacting the Water Company.
  • Stoll explained that someone else who already owns two properties on the street is also looking at purchasing the house at 6289.
  • Steve Brining, a guest, asked about closing off part of Laverock Road by CVS or at least removing the car traffic and making this for pedestrian use only.  Also mentioned concerns for the additional traffic, increased density, flood issues and the domino affect that could happen in this area especially along Broadway.
  • Holland expressed, as 6289 Broadway is still in question, the presenter’s return to the July LUD meeting and all agreed.
Closing off Laverock to foot traffic only sounds genius.

I have been a resident owner for twenty four years. I am impressed they let car traffic drive down this narrow road filled with imminent peril. Kinda like a slice of Italy. I am not impressed by the tastes of the new residents. They will pay way to much for a property overlooking the canal and a parking garage as if it had soul. It does, but there is no soul in the salesmen pitch. We lost far to many people who dug this ditch over a hundred years ago, only to be exploited by charlatans. 

   The ground water flooding issue is a non-issue now. So we see an epidemic of development. No proposal offers respect for the founders, it is about money. The village is not without soul but the village has a very small following of respect for those who founded this village. 

   Myself, I like offering  respect to our past. Wholesale corruption and greed is not how I would approach this, but this is only my opinion. JW

B. Update on 6265 Broadway Street, regarding changes to the property for developing a multifamily building. Have filed with DMD.

Will there be any opportunities for neighborhood comment?  Will there be a public hearing?  Or have these already taken place?

Not as far as I have heard. Just the village association and permits, I thought a variance would have to notify immediate neighbors. Not sure.


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