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I've heard through the grapevine that what the Warfleigh Neighborhood Association considers Warfleigh, is not technically Warfleigh. Is this true? Does anyone know the real story?

Here's a link to the only map I know of: Warfleigh Map.

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I guess that map looks right to me, except I'd also toss in that section that includes Gladden & Garver.

What are you hearing through the grapvine?
I've heard mention of Meridian Terrace or something like that. I don't know what part of "Warfleigh" it is, and I can't find any mention of it on the net. Maybe my source will come online and give us a better explanation. :)
I've heard that the west border is Meridian, but I'm not a real estate agent & don't (as far as I know) have access to that information. Rhonda was the originator of the Warfleigh map that I provided to Joe - there might be something more in the bag of info she gave me that's been in the closet since I got it (hey, Annabel was born two weeks later so I was a little busy!). I'll try to take a look soon and see if there's a map with another source.
If Meridian is the western border, we may have to initiate annexation proceedings. In this new alternative universe, the location for the Warfleigh picnic would be outside of Warfleigh's legal boundaries. It might open us up to all sorts of lawsuits. :O
So, I did a little detective work, via MIBOR. If you pull up a house for sale that is east of Meridian (like the one at 6267-6269 Washington Bl), then the subdivision is listed as Warfleigh. Look west of Meridian (like the one at 6181 Meridian) and it is also listed as Warfliegh.

BUT! If you look west of Meridian Street WEST DRIVE (like the one at 6072 Garver) it is listed as Meridian Kessler Terrace. Evidently the map is accurate.

I guess we just made the cut-off for the Warfleigh picnic -- assuming no one from the west side of the street wants to come. ;-)
Good sleuthing everyone!
It looks like Garver & Gladden (via the FCTucker site) and also all of Riverview fall outside of Warfleigh. They all are part of their own miniature subdivisions. But considering that the river and canal make natural boundaries, I say we let them stay.
Shall we just consider them "annexed"?


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