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I'd love to start a book club here within our neighborhood. Meet once a month (or every other month), pick some simple reads, enjoy a snack, and talk about the book. Is anyone interested?

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Count me in. Am reading Kurt Vonnegot's heretofore unpublished short stories and sketches right now, which were mostly written before he got famous. It's interesting to see how his style and the themes of his novels emerged.

Wondering what a good way would be to select a book for everyone to read--maybe put names in a hat and draw?
I'd be interested in joining - maybe an every-other-month gathering would work? Bridget Carson
This sounds fun - every other month would probably be better for me, as I can't seem to find time to read books as much as I should (maybe having the deadline of a discussion would help!).
I'd be interested - agree with the every other month.
I am in the middle of Christopher Plummer's (Col. Van Trapp - Sound of Music) autobiography. Heard him on NPR and thought it sounded interesting. I would welcome a new read - the book is painful. 750 pages of pompous recollections of theatre productions and classical actors/directors I've never heard of.


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