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VP robbed tonight (again...) -- man still loose in neighborhood

About 9:50 p.m. tonight the police stopped and told us that the Village Pantry was robbed, and the robber (an African-American male) was still at large.

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My wife just asked what all the choppers were doing, and I jokingly said "Someone probably robbed the VP again." Two minutes later, I log on and find out it's no joke. This is getting ridiculous.
Wow for some reason I am not shocked at all!
I was inside my house wondering what the helicopter was doing out there. I went to the end of my block, 62nd and Washington Blvd., and saw police. My dad told me that this happened not too long ago. This is just ridiculous. I grew up here and it was never like this before. And, I just emembered, my friend Ricky is working right now at VP!!
I just found this story: Police search for armed robber

Looks like no one was hurt, but the guy got away.


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