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Fellow Neighbors:

Below is the text of the petition recently circulated to those Warfleigh residents who currently reside outside the boundaries of the Broad Ripple Village Association. It should be noted that most Warfleigh residents already live within the BRVA boundaries.

I had suggested earlier that this petition be posted on this site for everyone in Warfleigh to see, but that did not happen. I had hoped to see the issues raised in this petition discussed at the recent WNA meeting, but the drafters of the petition did not come to the meeting.

Even though the misinformation this petition contains was addressed by representatives of the BRVA on this web site, the petition was nonetheless circulated. I think it's important for all Warfleigh residents to be aware of what this petition actually says and to judge for themselves whether it is a valid representation of the facts.

To reiterate what has been pointed out before on this web site by Elizabeth Marshall, director of the BRVA and the person who sent the survey to affected Warfleigh residents, here is the crux of the matter:


BRVA is a not-for-profit neighborhood organization whose members pay annual dues. It relies on volunteers for all its activities and its mission is "to support and encourage a spirit of community cooperation in Village development and beautification, and to serve as a community liaison to the City of Indianapolis." It has no legal authority to annex Warfleigh and its intention was not to replace or compete with the Warfleigh Neighborhood Association. The WNA's activities do not overlap with those of the BRVA and their goals and spheres of influence are not the same.

I have quickly looked at the list of people who signed this petition, and noticed a couple of interesting points to ponder. At least one individual signed the petition who had also sent in a Yes vote to the original survey, and there are also a couple of people who own multiple rental properties who signed it multiple times as if they were residents of each, rather than as a property owner (not residing at all addresses listed).
Help Save Warfleigh
Neighborhood Association

Dear Warfleigh neighbor:

Last week the Broad Ripple Village Association (BRVA) sent out
notices indicating it was attempting to annex the part of
Warfleigh North of Kessler between Meridian and the river.
Notices were sent to some, but not all home owners in the
affected area.

Despite the limited distribution, the notice sent by BRVA
representative Elizabeth Marshall indicated that the BRVA will
assume you support the annexation unless you submit an
objection to the annexation in writing. Additionally, the notice
provided no response deadline by which such objections must
be submitted.

Accordingly, we have developed the attached petition and ask
that you sign it expressing your objection to the annexation to
save Warfleigh Neighborhood Association.

If those who circulated this petition actually want to further and protect the interests of Warfleigh residents, I would suggest that they take the time to participate in the activies of the WNA and spend less time in litigious activity that doesn't demonstrate a very neighborly attitude.

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The title itself is so misleading: "Help save Warfleigh Neighborhood Association." To correct that statement:

1) Nothing will happen to WNA petition or no. It will live and die by volunteers and members. Which brings me to my next point.
2) the person who started this whole thing has never been to a WNA meeting since the resurrection more than a year ago. It's extremely frustrating for me to put in lots of hard hours of pure volunteer work to try and make a difference in this neighborhood through the website, picnics, crime watch and playgroups only to have someone try to ruin it all through a silly petition that is misleading.

for those who signed it, I again implore you to please attend the WNA meetings. If the time that was put into circulating and signing it was actually put into the organization, we would be able to accomplish some really great things around here. The meetings exist to serve as a forum for neighbors - including an opportunity discuss things like our association with the BRVA - and if those who feel strongly about it don't choose to attend and have their opinion heard - possibly even gain support for their concerns - but instead choose to go door to door in stealth and undermine the rest of the neighborhood, well I have absolutely no sympathy or understanding for that sort of activity. It's simply meaningless.
Bravo Heather! I've just read the petition and it was written by an idiot who made it sound like a coup. You cannot write garbage like that and assume that if someone doesn't sign it they agree especially if it is not sent to ALL affected addresses. Help save WNA? Whisky Tango Foxtrot! WNA is alive and kicking thank you very much due to the efforts of the few.
Wouldn't it have been nice if this guy had actually taken the time to educate himself on the facts, instead of knocking on doors and getting people all riled up with false information? He claimed in his petition that he was gathering signatures in order to save the Warfleigh Neighborhood Association. Save? He's not even active in the Warfleigh Neighborhood Association, but HE's going to be its savior?

If this troublemaker were actually engaged in the community, he would know that the Warfleigh Neighborhood Association is alive and well and definitely an organization that's moving forward into the future. If he cared to educate himself, he would also understand that most of Warfleigh is already within the current boundaries of the BRVA. He might even "get it" that the few Warfleigh streets that are west of Meridian were inadvertently left out of the BRVA's original boundaries and are a most logical addition to the community. The north boundary of the BRVA is the White River (i.e., Riverview Drive). It makes good sense that the west boundary of the BRVA be the White River, as well. As it is now, the 85% of Warfleigh that's already within the BRVA boundaries abruptly ends at Meridian. People who live on Riverview Drive just east of Meridian are in the BRVA, but people who live on Riverview Drive just west of Meridian are not.

There are many instances of similar pocket neighborhoods within larger neighborhoods around the city. A nearby example is Forest Hills just south of Kessler Boulevard. Forest Hills has its own smaller neighborhood association, but it is also part of the larger Meridian-Kessler Neighborhood Association. Each group has its own focuses and goals, and they work together.


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