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Just talked to a young fellow who was going up and down Park Avenue (6300 block and maybe 6400) knocking on doors.  Says he's with AT&T and is trying to help people get a better deal on their phone network etc.  I asked why he was knocking on doors when few people are likely to be home. He responded with what sounded like well-rehearsed BS.  He was taking notes of what cars are in front or in drives, what houses appeared to be abandoned, etc.  If I could get through to a person at AT&T, I'd call.  I did call 911, and they have had at least one other report on this or a similar guy.  They may be traveling through our neighborhoods in a U-Haul vehicle.  IMPD is sending an officer around.

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Saw an AT&T vehicle parked in the neighborhood by our house. I think we also saw the guy walking around. I think he could be legit. did anyone hear back from the police?

Are they still required to have a permit filed in order to go from door to door, and be able to show it on demand?

Solicitors, especially people going around during the day when people aren't as likely to be home, certainly raise suspicion.

About a year ago, an officer ended up confronting and moving two guys out of the neighborhood after I interacted with one guy who had gone up and down my block 3 times in the space of about an hour (early afternoon).  My office faces the street, and with the blinds open, I had seen him approach several houses multiple times who didn't have cars parked out front and the duplex next door that had a for rent sign and boxes on the porch, while avoiding the ones with vehicles out front (including mine).  He lingered in front of the duplex the second time he approached, looking in the front windows, and when he started to go around the side of the house (which he had no business doing), I came out and confronted him. He said he was with ATT (dressed in a t-shirt and old jeans and sneakers, he didn't look like it), but when I asked for identification or proof of a permit to solicit, he got argumentative, then belligerent.  When I told him I was going to call the police and that they would want to see his permit and ID, he took off around the corner of the block.  The police responded within a few minutes and talked to both guys, got the license plate number on their vehicle (which was an old beat up car, parked one street over) and then followed up with me and let me know the outcome.  The officer said to call them again if I saw either of them back in the neighborhood.

Another one went through today, selling "magazines" (likely scam).  He was black, dressed in slacks/khaki's and a short sleeve shirt with a collar.

He accosted my neighbor Bill at home, and when Bill kept telling him no, he got belligerent.  As he left Bill's, he walked by me as I was mowing the grass, and when he made eye contact and started towards me, I shook my head no (he clearly was selling something) and continued mowing. Apparently that was the wrong thing to do, because he approached me and started yelling and swearing at me aggressively, dropping a few f-bombs and trying to get into an argument because I shook my head at him.  I told him I wasn't interested in what he was selling or in talking to him or engaging in a verbal altercation, broke contact, and continued to mow. He continued to go to houses.  Upon later talking to Bill, I found out that he said he was from Alabama and giving away "free" magazine subscriptions (that later turned out to cost $180). I talked to another neighbor a bit later and found out that he had been on the 6200 block of Washington the week before, as well.  The police weren't called this time, but probably should have been.  

If anyone else see's this guy in the neighborhood, he is aggressive, disrespectful, and potentially dangerous if confronted or told to leave.  You should avoid him, and possibly call the police.


Hope he avoids me.....


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