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Be aware of odd sights in the 6200-block area of Park to Central. I spoke with my neighbor at 6216 Park who said that sometime yesterday afternoon he and his roommate spotted a white male, middle-aged and standing at about 6' with blondish hair was "casing" his and the house to the north on Park Ave. No further description except that he was on foot.

Last night I saw a suspicious late model Chevy pick-up around midnight that was slowly coming up and down the block on Central between 62nd Pl. and 63rd St. It stopped for several minutes in front of the houses nearest to 62nd Pl. on the west side of the block. I know what my neighbors all drive- this truck I had not seen before.

Always be aware!

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Keep a camera handy, a big one ;-)

No kidding! The Central block north of the canal seems to be rife with sightings of Secret Aaaa-gent Man!


Secret.... Aaaa-gent Man!

"rife with sightings."  Yikes.  And they're always the same blond guy?  Do any of them involve an older dark red car?  Thursday afternoon some guy driving a car like that drove very slowly in front of my house, staring at the house the whole time.  I couldn't see if he was blond.  I stared back through the picture window and suddenly he just drove off.  Maybe just someone looking for an address? 

Rife with sightings of the secret agent man--- or more accurately, the guy who likes to take pictures of everything at the house on the corner of the canal and Central. 


Haven't seen the dark red car, though it's not uncommon to see food deliveries in our neighborhood and people do slow down to see house addresses. I'll keep my eye out like normal- you do the same and if you see anything unusual let us all know. 


Elizabeth- are you on the same block? 

No, we're on Delaware.

Today, 12/13, around 11:30 knock on the door, corner of 63rd and broadway, a guy in his 20's with glasses, wanted to know if I needed the sidewalk shoveled, I didnt open the door, but he got out of a ford taurus, the driver went on down the street and mine was the only house they stopped at.  Very suspicious.

Was the late model Chevy pick-up light brown?  I just had one come up my driveway (2:00 in the afternoon and too far up to just be turning around).  When they saw I was home, they threw it into reverse and tore down the street.  Three people in the truck and what looked like a snow-blower in the back.

I'm hoping these were both folks looking for work? 


Kit- the truck I saw was at night, I didn't see the color but it was a smaller, short-bed truck. It pulled up across from my house and when I walked in front of the window he started driving off. That was before the snow. 

I would love to think they were looking for work, but the fact that they left when they saw me and that they were practically around the back of the house makes me think otherwise.  It also seems strange to be looking for work at 2:00 on a Monday when many people are at work.


Sounds like a similar make of truck to what I had seen.  I hate to be paranoid and stir things up.  I suppose it's just good to remind folks to stay vigilant for themselves and their neighbors.  Break-ins do seem to pick-up around the holidays.

I hate to be paranoid as well, but if you really believe someone is casing your house you need to call 911 and explain the situation. They will send a squad car to the neighborhood to look around.

A few of us have seen the 'photographer' and I am (almost) sure he's a neighbor who lives nearby here.  Although he might be considered eccentric or 'listens to the beat of a different drummer' (perhaps music from off-planet, if you get my drift), and we and our neighbors did find our houses being photographed unsettling, we have the opinion he's 'mostly harmless' (I hope history doesn't prove me wrong). 

   This is, however, only in reference to this 'photographer', I am keenly aware of other individuals who are not so harmless, so I am not minimizing the ever increasing risk we need to be alert to and my tremendous compliments to the orgainzers of this web site and news letter that does keep us apprised of those other events where folks and their houses have been victims of criminals and the steps we all need to take.

   I interrupted an attempted break-in to my car (at 4AM) six months ago, they (two 'youts') fled on foot (leaving their probably stolen bikes behind), made me tighten up my security, these dudes love unlocked cars or garages, vigilance is the key!  (I gave details and bikes to responding officer).

   Saturday sound like a great gathering, looking forward to it!

My 16-yo left his wallet in the car overnight in the driveway - I forgot to lock the car up.  The next day we had a call that someone had found the wallet near Kessler and Allisonville Road.  Luckily, since he ony has a permit and carries no cash, they got nothing.  But someone did indeed lift it from my car overnight.  Shame on us for leaving it open and in the car.

Just a heads up - we have a long driveway in to the rear of the house, with lights - so it was a bold move.



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