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Be aware of odd sights in the 6200-block area of Park to Central. I spoke with my neighbor at 6216 Park who said that sometime yesterday afternoon he and his roommate spotted a white male, middle-aged and standing at about 6' with blondish hair was "casing" his and the house to the north on Park Ave. No further description except that he was on foot.

Last night I saw a suspicious late model Chevy pick-up around midnight that was slowly coming up and down the block on Central between 62nd Pl. and 63rd St. It stopped for several minutes in front of the houses nearest to 62nd Pl. on the west side of the block. I know what my neighbors all drive- this truck I had not seen before.

Always be aware!

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I rarely leave my car unlocked at home, and yet on two of the occasions that I have, someone has lifted items from my car.  First time it was in the middle of the day and they took a pair of sunglasses, a phone charger and a handful of change.  The next time they took the spare key to my wife's car. They even bothered to pull out a variety of valuable items out of my console to get to the key without taking any of those items.  

It starts to feel like someone is checking cars every night. Both times, the car was all the way up in the drive, which means that they are pretty much at my front door when doing so. Bold indeed.

Did they take your grill yet?

I don't know if it was mentioned before, but I'll add my experiences as well:  Our garage was broken into last fall on the 6200 block of Washington Blvd.  My mountain bike (blue Trek 6000) along with several small expensive bike accessories and a small crowbar were taken.  The thief left his beat up road bike behind a neighbor's garage, as well as some some small boxes of items that he dumped in the alley to go through. 


We have since fixed the fault in the steel door that allowed the thief access, and I installed a cheap but effective motion detector alarm in the window to the garage.  About 2 months ago the alarm was disturbed and triggered but I didn't catch anyone in the act.  Around the same time, several pots on our front porch were overturned and other items like the bench were moved during the day as if someone was looking for a spare key.  About 2 weeks ago someone clearly came up onto our back deck and went through the items in our deck box (nothing of value to take though). 


If activity is really this common in the alleys and with people breaking into cars and garages, I'm seriously considering investing in some digital day/night motion sensor "game" cameras that hunters use to scout wildlife areas to use on my property (they log date and time with each snapshot).  They can run as cheap as $90 and a few well positioned ones may help myself and/or neighbors in the future.  If a few of us used them it might well be an effective, inexpensive, (and fun?) tool to reduce crime in the neighborhood.


Thanks to everyone as well that posts about suspicious activity.  It's reassuring to know that the neighborhood has eyes and ears looking out for everyone.


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