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Summer Fest (Sat., June 4, from 4-9 pm) is almost here, and we need some help with a few things.

-Flatbed truck or trailer:

We need to pick up city barricades from downtown to block the streets, but none of us have a truck or trailer big enough to hold them. If you have a truck/flatbed, and are willing to help, please let me know. DPW will contact us 7 days prior to the event and let us know
when to pick them up. Most likely it will be Thurs or Fri before the event.

-1 or 2 portable basketball goals

Several kids last year had asked to have a place to play basketball. We have the space, but no hoops. Anyone willing to let us borrow their goals? All I have are little kids goals...not much fun for the older ones.


We still have a few spots unfilled on our volunteer sheet. Anyone interested and willing to help for an hour, please let me know.

Thanks so much!!!

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If you can assist with any of this, contact Laura Rogers at 317-432-5354


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