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Isn't it true that there is a law regarding the posting of signage? A towing company has SPRAY PAINTED "NO PARKING" on the back of Village Pantry, and now has painted on the guardrail at CVS! I am going to contact the Mayor's Action  Line tomorrow, but thought maybe someone might have information to share?!?!?? It looks like Graffiti, not signage! Is that legal?

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Yes, there is a law about signage in the city, and I think the Village even has a special overlay district with even tougher requirements.  I don't know exactly - maybe ask someone at BRVA, they'll know.
Check out Broad Ripple on FaceBook.
I do not think that spray painting on the back of a building or on a guardrail would be condoned by the City.  A business that wishes to post a sign must have a sign permit, and the City would not issue a permit for a "sign" that is essentially graffiti.  A business owner must submit a petition for a variance and go to a hearing, if his/her sign does not comply with City guidelines. 


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