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I was wondering if we could all slow down a little bit?? Could we also ask our visitors to slow down? I see people driving so fast they don't even stop at the stop signs. I quite frequently yell at drivers going too fast and I feel like it makes me look like a crazy lady! I'm sure I am guilty of driving too fast also so I will try to slow down.

I'm worried with the construction traffic will be even faster!! I know we are all in a hurry but I don't think  driving fast is worth the risk of running over a dog or person.

FYI it's not just young people it's everybody!!

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It's tough to do much for slowing down those cutting through, but i do let people know it when they're neighbors who should know better.  I can think of 2 addresses off the top of my head who I have a real issue with.


I'd like to see more stop signs on the main cut-throughs.  Even if they roll them it still slows people down.  I'm not a speed bump fan unless they're really short ones.  I have damaged my car on the huge Wash St ones.

As you know Cathy I'd leery of speed bumps due to damage from them.  Short/rumble strip style ones would be perfectly fine, but somehow they usually end up being mountains.  It doesn't take much for people to want to slow down.


Stop signs are fine IMO as long as the people living at the new intersection are informed.  That just seems like the right thing to do since they'd have more noise at the benefit of slower traffic.  Central, Riverview, and 61st,62nd,63rd,64th could all use an extra one.


Police are always fine, but of course only a temporary solution.


I'm behind implementing some solutions.  Nol resistance here as long as any speed bump solution is well discussed here.

I couldn't agree more with you.  

Contact the IMPD Traffic Division..Fill out the online form/questions and send. 


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