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Some Current Information Regarding the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Act

Hello ... probably more than anyone wants to know, but just in case you might wish to explore some links discussing this issue affecting homeowners nationwide ...

Mississippi Suing Feds Over Flood Insurance Hikes



Bay-Area Houston Economic Partnership on Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Act


- contains many links …


Congress Gets it Wrong on Flood Insurance Act



Biggert-Waters Act - Sticker Shock Ahead for Floodplain Homeowners



Summary of Contents of Biggert-Waters Act



Flood Insurance Rate Hikes Under Fire From States



Some in Congress Want to Undo Important Flood Insurance Reforms



Gateway to Many Links on Topic


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Thank you for this Jim.  Realizing I'm in serious danger of losing my house over this I think it's time to consider how/who we can approach to reform the reform.  I'm bumping this thread to the top of the page and will read over all of these articles in the coming days.

Sure. I'm waiting for the results of an "elevation survey" for my home that I had performed (10/15).  I will then contact my insurance agent to see how much my rates will rise.  I will also ask what the rates would be for someone purchasing my home.  My understanding is that existing homeowners will see a gradual increase over time in order to avoid "rate shock," but that new homeowners (purchasing a home in a flood plain) immediately will be moved to market based rates.


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