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Snapped Tree & Landlord Has Not Addressed Our Safety Concerns

On Monday the top part of the large tree in our front yard snapped off and we were near the tree when it happened giving us quite the scare. Multiple limbs on the remaining splintered part of the tree are barely attached making the tree dangerous and we are concerned for our safety because it has the potential to hit the house or a person. We have contacted our landlord several times &, she has yet to do anything about it. She said she would have a tree company come out on Tuesday, but there is no evidence anyone came by the property because the part that snapped off remains in the yard & covers a portion of the side walk & the dangerous limbs have not been removed. We have contacted her again, but she has not responded. Any advice to motivate our landlord to address our concerns?

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Maybe suggest that you have someone do it and that you  will deduct it from the rent.  I've done that before when I rented.

The city may help if any of it is on their property.  Outside of that you may be able to go through the Mayor's action line and file a complaint.

This is the DPW page related:


I like the suggestion of offering to find a company to do it since they appear to be unable or unwilling to do it themselves.

Las year, I had part of a huge tree fall into the street.  The city came and took the street part away.I thought that was the end of it and was getting estimates on the removal of the remainder of tree.  Well, the city came and red-tagged (red paint) the tree and cut the remainder of it all the way down, as it was right on the edge of the sidewalk, the right-of-way. I lucked out and didnt have to pay anything.  So, if it's anywhere close to/abut onto the sidewalk, call the Mayors action line,

Saw some tree guys in your yard this afternoon. Is it all taken care of or is there still an issue? Just curious. Thanks.

Thank you everyone for your advice, I really apprefiate it. Our landlord addressed our concerns with the dangerous limbs & had them removed today.
I meant appreciate. I have a new cell phone & I am still getting used to the keyboard.


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