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News item in USA TODAY from Fri. Jan 31.:

The Senate has easily passed a bill to delay premium hikes for years for for hundreds of thousands of homeowners who buy flood insurance from the federal government.

Thursday's sweeping 67-32 vote reflects widespread concern about changes enacted two years ago to shore up the program's finances.

No other details given; probably still has to go to the House, but YAAY!

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Where is the "like" button?  Thank you for sharing!!

This is good news; but passing the House will be tougher. There has been much opposition expressed there by the Republican majority, including the Speaker. Keep sending those e-mails to Rep Brooks!
FYI Coats voted against the bill.

I spoke to the new homeowner at the corner of 62nd & Central (two-bedroom brick) and she said they had to start paying the increased rates immediately and the increased rate they are paying is $5000.00, so I wonder if they still have to continue to pay that amount.

Has the President signed this into law yet?  Someone please give us an update.

I didn't see it on GovTrack but looks like he signed it on Friday. From teh 3/21 Times-Picayune:

WASHINGTON -- Ending a long and sometimes torturous legislative process, President Barack Obama Friday signed into law a bill that will limit flood insurance premium increases to no more than 18 percent a year


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