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Hi Neighbors, I have been a tenant in Warfleigh for 3 years.  My rent is never late, I curb my dogs and am respectful of the neighborhood.  My building was sold and I need a new home.  I have a few questions:  First, do you know of any available rentals in this area that are actually worth the proposed rental fee?  Second, why are some of the Warfleigh landlords charging such huge rental fees yet they are not taking care of their properties?  I've never seen such a mess.  Some of the rentals in this area are absolute dumps.  They are attracting problem tenants.  Can the association do anything about that?  I hope I don't have to leave the area but if I do, thank you for being good neighbors.  I've enjoyed living here. 

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Thanks Julie!  I appreciate your comments.  I realize that there are good and bad landlords here.  However, I'm receiving comments from other people who live in the neighborhood.  They are tired of the neglected rentals and the tenants that typically rent them.  A solid tenant like me has a hard time justifying $1200 a month for a small yet clean space - just so I can "walk to the bars".  I have no interest in the bars but did enjoy becoming a positive part of the community.  Anyway, I'll keep looking elsewhere.  Best wishes!

Don't know what part of Warfleigh you currently live in - there are some rentals open on Meridian St. W. Drive. Most aren't fenced, which you might be looking for with your dogs however.

Please come to our annual meeting on March 6th at St. Paul's to bring this topic up. We need to have more folks invested in the area like you are. We have contacted our neighborhood liaison, Mark Warner, through the Mayor's ofc and he's supposed to be looking into this. If you want to email him too, any extra prompting would be much appreciated. His email address is mark.warner@indy.gov


Thank you Elisabeth!  I will look on Meridian St W Drive in the morning.  I'll email Mark as well.  :-)  Will update.


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