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Everyone please register to attend the meeting regarding the property at Lavarock and Broadway, right behind CVS.  This is not a good project for our neighborhood . High rise apartments will block the view of the canal and add to the congestion, parking and litter.

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Yes , The BRVA Land Use and Development committee meeting is open to anyone who wants to attend , it's Tuesday, Jan 27 at 6:00 p.m. Indianapolis Art Center library  820 East 67th Street.

Paste Broad Ripple was a town at one time. Before cars and trains, there were barges pulled down the canal by oxen. These oxen brought food and supplies into town via the canal. Tow 'paths' where these oxen walked were permanently worn into our history, never to refill again with grass. Today we can still see the paths the oxen carved into our very own Broad Ripple history. Right at the edge of the canal there's a primitive looking tie bar, where the oxen were tied while their barges were being unloaded.
As residents we'd like to continue seeing this historic tie bar in its original place, and the 'tow paths' left intact for future generations to observe and appreciate. It stands right at the location this petition will help stop! Please sign now? The story of the historic 'tow paths' and 'tie bar' have been told and retold as we residents have walked or driven by. It's a legacy to us and one of the few primitive landmarks in its original state, untouched by unneeded modern construction. How wil we continue telling our own special canal history to our descendants? We wouldn't be able to. This construction will surely lead to it's destruction! Why do you think the canal was built? Remember, not every progressive idea should be supported, simply because it's considered progressive! Help us protect our rare and historic landmark......our Broad Ripple history! Please sign and attend this meeting? Thank you!

Hello All Warfleigh residents , TONIGHT is the BRVA Land Use and Development committee meeting concerning this development , Tuesday, Jan 27 at 6:00 p.m. Indianapolis Art Center library 820 East 67th Street. ( if you want to voice your concerns please attend )

If you'd like also to sign a petition against it either go to this link or see me at the meeting tuesday night.


As an UPDATE to all the Friends of Warfleigh & Broad Ripple :
The BRVA will NOT recommend to the City Council their support of this development ! They basically agreed it is TOO Big , Tall & Wide for it's neighborhood !
( Note : it is the city council who will decide if this project goes ahead ) but so far momentum is building with both Warfleigh & the BRVA/Land use committee expressing opposition to this development in it's current form.
Thanks to all so far who completed the WNA survey , signed the protest petition & shown up at the meetings. ( the petition against this development is still ongoing )

The Critical hearing for the Land development petition is currently scheduled for February 12 at 1:00 p.m. in the City-County building downtown. ( Stay tuned for updates )

Thanks to you Brett and to all involved in tonights positive outcome.... see you all on the Feb 12th at the City County Bldg.

They mentioned at the meeting last night that the Feb 12th meeting was changed to February 26th. 


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