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Everyone please register to attend the meeting regarding the property at Lavarock and Broadway, right behind CVS.  This is not a good project for our neighborhood . High rise apartments will block the view of the canal and add to the congestion, parking and litter.

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Broad Ripple was a town at one time. Before cars and trains, there were barges pulled down the canal by oxen. These oxen brought food and supplies into town via the canal. Tow 'paths' where these oxen walked were permanently worn into our history, never to refill again with grass. Today we can still see the paths the oxen carved into our very own Broad Ripple history. Right at the edge of the canal there's a primitive looking tie bar, where the oxen were tied while their barges were being unloaded.
As residents we'd like to continue seeing this historic tie bar in its original place, and the 'tow paths' left intact for future generations to observe and appreciate. It stands right at the location this petition will help stop! Please sign now? The story of the historic 'tow paths' and 'tie bar' have been told and retold as we residents have walked or driven by. It's a legacy to us and one of the few primitive landmarks in its original state, untouched by unneeded modern construction. How wil we continue telling our own special canal history to our descendants? We wouldn't be able to. This construction will surely lead to it's destruction! Why do you think the canal was built? Remember, not every progressive idea should be supported, simply because it's considered progressive! Help us protect our rare and historic landmark......our Broad Ripple history! Please sign and attend this meeting? Thank you!

Also, one more clarification: the main part of the building is 37' tall.  There are stair and elevator portions that rise to 45'. This is taller, yes, but the dispersed massing, both along the roof line and on the facade, and variable textures means it won't "feel" as large as a single solid block.

Well , it's still 45 foot tall at the highest point & there are 3 large masses of building up there !

It will look & feel 45foot tall ( and block both the view & sunshine in the morning )

  If we take your logic then the house beside this is only 20 foot tall because the 6-8 foot roof is sloped & isn't really a single solid block !

So 45', got it.  Does it not strike you just a little bit that this development doesn't fit the street?  The owner just wants to get paid to divide the property.  He has no interest in our neighborhood.  Just an out of state slumlord based upon the condition the current home was left in.  (you should see the inside, I went to a party there last year)

Donna, No matter how you try to justify this project , it simply boils down to excess and greed of this property owner. I wonder what stance you would take if this was to be built across the street from your home?

Hello all (also posted on "next door" - sorry for the repetition):

I attended the 1/12/15 Warfleigh redevelopment meeting facilitated by the Broad Ripple Village Association (“BRVA”) concerning the 6265 Broadway Street proposed multi-unit site plan.  The proposed site plan requires re-zoning a portion of the Warfleigh neighborhood so that it is no longer zoned “single family residential.”  The proposal also requires numerous variances related to project height, setback from adjacent property borders and ratio of number of units to number of automobiles, among others.  As we are all aware, a number of neighbors strongly oppose this redevelopment.

(1) I reviewed the Envision Broad Ripple Village Plan ("Plan") that guides development in the area,


(2) The subject property lies outside the region recommended in the plan for “form based zoning" - a type of zoning that considers the "look" and "feel" of a property when forming judgments, rather than the intended use, 


(3) The property lies within the region for which it is recommended existing zoning apply,


(4) The area in which the property lies is roughly bordered by two areas defined as critical regions, one to the east along College Avenue (Critical Region 1) and another to the south (Critical Region 4). The Envision Broad Ripple Village Plan recommends any new structures within these critical areas should maintain existing setbacks, heights and styles within the area. The plan also suggests that if redevelopment occurs in these areas, then the building heights should not be taller than the existing buildings.


(5) Based on the above, I think it is hard to conclude the proposed redevelopment is consistent with the Envision Broad Ripple Village Plan.

I understand developing the Envision Broad Ripple Plan entailed a significant amount of input, discussion and research.  I imagine the boundaries and borders of the various development districts were drawn with much thought and care and after considerable debate. I imagine recommendations regarding what should and should not occur in these areas were extensively considered.

It seems to me that allowing development that is not consistent with the Envision Broad Ripple Plan undermines the purpose of the Plan itself, which intends to guide development in the area.  I think a very strong argument in this case could be made for respecting the document, it recommendations, and the hard work  that went into developing it. Alternatively, I think the developer needs to make a very strong argument for why the Plan should be set aside in this instance.


This is the actual petition filed:

2014-CZN-819 6265 Broadway Street

2014-CVR-819 Washington Township, CD #3

2014-CVC-819 Gregory Stoll, by David and Justin Kingen requests Rezoning of 0.18 acre from

the D-4 (FF) district to the D-6 (FF) classification to provide for multi-family


 Variance of development standards of the Dwelling Districts Zoning Ordinance to

provide for a three-story, five-unit multi-family dwelling:

a) with a zero-foot southeast and five-foot west front setback from

Laverock and Broadway Streets (minimum 25-foot front setback


b) with a five-foot north perimeter yard (30-foot perimeter yards


c) with roof heights of 36.67 feet and parapet heights of 45 feet

(maximum 35 feet permitted),

d) with a 0.585 floor area ratio (maximum 0.200 floor area ratio


e) with a 1.0 open space ratio (minimum 3.850 open space ratio


f) with a livability space ratio of 0.3 (minimum 2.6 livability space ratio


g) with an six-foot tall masonry wall within the front setback of

Broadway Street (maximum 42-inch tall wall permitted), and

h) with a building encroachment into the clear-sight triangle of

Broadway Street and Laverock Road (not permitted).

Vacation of a 7.5-foot wide portion of the first 15-foot wide alley (Laverock Road)

south of 63rd Street, from the east right-of-way line of Broadway Street being the

southwest corner of Lot 130 in Warfleigh, an addition to the City of Indianapolis

as per plat thereof recorded in plat book 15, pages 140 141 and 142, in the

Office of the Marion County Recorder to a point 194.10 feet to the northeast, with

a waiver of the Assessment of Benefits

Wow, so 0.18 acres for 5 residences and 1 and 5 foot setbacks, where there will be a 6 foot tall wall in the 5 foot setback.  Is this a Times Square development or Warfleigh?

So everyone can see & understand clearly , i will post on this site also a link to document below of all the changes the developer at 6265 Broadway ( 9 total , 8 variances ) I've tried to make the legal document easy to understand by hi lighting both the changes he wants to make & the existing code.


We all live , like or moved to Broad Ripple because it is a nice community & a lot like overseas areas with an open plan , stores/cafes & better walking access than most other indiana communities. We are against this development because it changes the nature of these values.
There is a natural flow of buildings & space along both Broadway , Laverock & Broad ripple ave with these buildings required by codes to be set back a similar distance ( to maintain a similar look & flow )
This development on 6265 Broadway/laverock is asking for 9 things to be changed ( 8 variances & 1 other major change ) to EXEMPT it from following these rules.
The RESULT would be to block the existing flow & view of open space along both Broadway & Laverock & the Canal and it would form a visual barrier when looking west along broad ripple ave. ( where now is a green space/view )

  The link shows the excessive amounts of these 9 changes/ 8 variances the developers are asking for. ( BLACK values are what they want
& RED values are the exisiting standards ) Basically they want to be TALLER , WIDER & LONGER with encroachments on all sides than the rules allow.

Does anyone know if the survey results will be made public...and where?

Good question !

We just had our board meeting tonight and plan to make the results public shortly.  The short summary is that the vast majority were opposed to the project.  I believe that we'll make the aggregated results public on both NextDoor and Warfleigh.net prior to the LUD meeting. 


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