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Weird question, but does anyone know where I can recycle clothes hangers or any suggestions for what to do with them?  The wire ones I'm taking to the drycleaners, but what about various old plastic ones with no recycling symbol on them? 

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there are bins in broad ripple park [ evanston entrance ] that accept plastics.
I was under the impression that only plastics labeled 1-7 were recyclable (and that's why things like milk jugs caps have to be thrown in the trash). So is it okay to throw any plastic into recycling bins even if it's old un-numbered plastic?
you're right about 1-7 plastics. i just assumed that plastic hangers were in that range, but after further investigation, not all are.

goodwill or value world in broad ripple might be willing to accept them.
Thanks Jeremy! Great idea - called Goodwill and they are definitely in need of hangers.
Heather -

If you want to keep it in the neighborhood, The Toggery takes them too. And, out of the neighborhood, Thrifty Threads (the Julian Center's thrift shop at 86th & Ditch) is always in need of hangers of any kind. I frequently drop a bag there when I'm in that side of town and they've never turned me down.


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