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Proposed 5-story apartment building at College and the canal

Browning Investments wants to build a 5-story apartment building where the old Shell station (and the apartments behind it) currently are.


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Anything beats an abandoned gas station.  I'd prefer retail, but it could be worse.

Just put grass there, a few trees and call it a park.

That too would beat the current "use".

I like the overall proposal, the density, urbanity, scale and general site arrangement, especially the connection to the canal.  I don't like the use of TIF financing, and I don't like the idea of a Whole Paycheck being the anchor.

Usually best suited for lining cat litter boxes - but Nuvo had a good opinion piece on the project:


Interesting article.  I still judge most development quite simply by if it's better than what it's replacing.  Even if it's a bit tall if still beats the eyesores it will remove.

I agree - I see no reason to oppose this project.   


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