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I thought there was a discussion topic on this awhile back, but I was unable to locate it this morning.

The owner of the yellow house at Broadway and Laverock stopped by my house last night (I am at 6264 Broadway) to share his potential plans for development on his lot. Apparently the BRVA had recommended that he speak to neighbors/homeowners regarding his proposal to get input. He is working with the owner of the house next door (the larger brown house) to develop townhouses across both lots. He offered to send plans to me to review, but I have not seen them yet. He also shared that these would be condos, not apartments, and that he and his partner would commit to selling only to owner/occupants and not investors.

I would like to not pass judgement until seeing the plans and having a better understanding of the proposed project, but I have several concerns with that sort of development in such a residential setting- that it would not fit with a very residential street composed of single family homes or duplexes along with the logistical issues- parking, higher density of occupants than typical for the area, streets that are not necessarily equipped for higher volume of traffic (particularly Laverock). I'm also concerned at what sort of precedent this would set for the rest of the neighborhood in terms of future development. 

I'm not sure exactly where in the process he and his partner are currently, but wanted to make sure the neighborhood was aware that this potential development was still out there. 

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Thanks Elizabeth. This is definitely something that bears discussion. Obviously the zoning board has either signed off on this or has indicated that they will. I'll pass the info on and we'll see what develops.

Thanks for keeping us updated Elizabeth.   The last I heard was that they were exploring the option of building, but this sounds a little more advanced if they're working with the neighbor to the north to possibly raze both homes for a large building.  I'm not sure how a building could fit there and have both a front lawn and not be on top of the canal without being an eyesore and a potential problem for the canal bank and road on top of it next to the property.

Would you mind sharing anything they send your way so we can all get a look at what they're trying to do?


Sure, I haven't received anything yet, but will definitely share anything else I learn about this potential development.

One quick update- I heard from Steve Fine, who owns one of the rentals on my block along with a few other in Warfleigh, this morning. He met with the owner of the yellow house yesterday (and apparently was supposed to meet with the developer as well, but he didn't end up attending). The current plan includes five townhomes across both lots. Steve has told me he opposes the idea and expressed that to the owner.

Yes, that does seem out of scope.  Warfleigh needs to stay single family homes, or else we might start seeing apartment/townhouse complexes pop up on Park, Central, Washington, etc

I disagree.  I think that lot in particular and any of our edge streets in general - being mainly College - would be appropriate for small-scale multi-family and denser residential.  We already do have many duplexes in the neighborhood.  More density is likely to make our home values go up!

FYI - The architects for this proposed development will be attending an open meeting next Tuesday at 7:00pm to give details of their proposal and get feedback from neighbors.

Event listing here:


Please mark that you're attending if you plan on showing up, thanks!

This has been postponed at the request of the homeowner.  I'll update when it is rescheduled.

Just an FYI, the owner of the brown house next to this property is NOT willing to sell.



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