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Hope everyone in southeast Warfleigh will attend one of the parking open houses. I am not expecting DPW to listen to any feedback in their effort prop up the garage, but I am not going down without a fight. Watch a couple episodes of Parking Wars on A&E to get a flavor of how residential parking works in the real world. Residents and their guests are the ones who get the tickets and their wheels booted. And we get to pay a monthly fee for this privilege.

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I've twice lived in neighborhoods in other cities with residential parking permits and think it's a good program. I do wonder if a program in Warfleigh would just push the parking out further, meaning it would land on my street (Washington), while currently it seems to mainly only be a problem for those on Broadway and Park.  I'm curious what residents of those streets think.

I certainly hope many of our neighbors can drop by one of the two nights.  If you have any opinion about permit parking, people parking on top of intersections, overcrowded parking on some of our too-narrow streets, then I urge you to make time for this.  There wasn't a huge response to last year's survey from Warfleigh, so hopefully we can hear some more voices from west of College Ave this time around.

Please note that DPW dropped a typo on us - The meetings are in August and there may be another mailer with the correct month headed out this week.  I am expecting DPW to present more than just information on a possible permit program, as they made a presentation at a BRVA board meeting earlier this year where they presented several options for restricting parking late night to make it safer for both drivers and pedestrians. 

Donna, thanks for the input.  Your concern has also been a concern of the group trying to wade through options to help the areas hardest hit with overcrowded parking on weekends and the crime that has filtered in to take advantage of it.  We are receiving these notices because SE Warfleigh was an area of concern for parking creep if heavy restrictions are put in place south of the strip (along with the area just south and west of the new garage). 


I'm at 6264 Broadway, and would support a permit program. I do understand the concerns of those in other blocks that a program that restricts parking on Broadway and Park could cause more to park on their streets. However- if Warfleigh (particularly Broadway) are not included in a parking program but other neighborhoods within immediate proximity are, I'm concerned about the large amount of overflow that would then be heading towards our neighborhood. Within the past few months, I've noticed an increase in not just bar parking, but extended loitering around cars- drinking, socializing, minor property damage, etc- I would appreciate a parking program that helps eliminate this. 

We live near 63rd and Park, and we second Elizabeth's comment.

Sorry I don't know, but does Broad Ripple proper (south of the Avenue, east of College) have a permit program in place already?

There is no permit program in place in the Broad Ripple area currently.

Does anyone know what the proposed permit parking fees are for residents and for guests?  The link to details on the BRVA site is broken.  

This is an item that DPW would most likely determine if permit parking implemented.  There are some areas of the city like Lockerbie Square with fee-free permit parking where the residents have little other option but street parking.  The situation is a little different in Broad Ripple, where a high percentage of residents and homeowners have available off-street driveway, garage, or alley parking options and the issue is more with late night bar parking Thursday through Saturday and the problems associated with it in certain areas.

I live at 6377 Broadway, do not have a garage, driveway or alley spot and only street park. In the 13 years I have lived here, I can count on 2 hands the number of times I have had to park more than 2 houses down. I have not been able to park on my block only once (Art Fair). As a solution for my "inconvenience", I am going be charged a fee to park my cars(3, since we have a teenager) and purchase passes for my guests. I know improved security is brought up as a benefit and our cars have been ransacked a couple times due to unlocked doors. However, the parking contractor offers no guarantee of security and I could spend the money on a better alarm or a lower auto policy deductible.

Speaking personally, my interest in (and support of) a permit parking system does not stem from issues finding parking for myself or for my guests, but because I feel an effort needs to be made to limit the number of "visitors" to the neighborhood who are parking, drinking in their cars (and littering the streets with empty cans and bottles), hitting the bars and then wandering back at some point during the night.

If the streets were congested with people who actually lived in houses on the street or who were visiting those houses, I would have no problem with searching for a spot (which isn't even an issue for me)--it's the fact that those parking on the streets at night are negatively impacting our neighborhood.

I was very disappointed in the meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 5th at B.R. United methodist church. The sanctury is a cavernous room.  There were NO microphones, and I was sitting in the 2nd row.  I could NOT hear what was being said enough to discern the gist of their speeches.  I left very soon thereafter.  Someone should have planned better to include audio amplifications!!!

My neighbor filled me in tonight.  I am also disgusted to hear of the permit plan.  I don't like what i heard!



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