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The man who has been the subject of numerous postings on this site, the guy who takes photos...


Anyone have any idea what was going on for the last few hours tonight (Thursday, 2/17)? Before IFD came over to his house twice, I heard him from my back yard 5 houses away screaming profanities at the top of his lungs. Really, really loud.


Just curious.

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Looked like IFD was just servicing the fire hydrants and our friendly neighbor appeared pretty chilled in Binkleys later that evening.
Now I know it's not just me.  New to the area and was wondering why some guy was screaming at the top of his lungs as I was running by.  I'm feel badly for those within earshot.

I was walking on the Tow Path today, (between CVS and Central) March 20th, and there was an older man, walking alone, screaming obscenities.  As I approached he stopped talking, but then after I passed by he continued with the talk and when I turned around he shook his finger at me, saying something unintelligible.

Not sure if he is a danger, but clearly disturbed.

Ah. This must be the same guy who took a picture of me one day, while I was picking up after my dog.
This must be the same guy that jumped out of the bushes along the tow path behind my fiance and I last summer and screamed "Hey you!"  When my fiance turned around he snapped a picture of us and then jumped back into the bushes and ran off. 


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