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Hello everyone I recently lost my job and separated my shoulder. I've been going door to door asking to paint address on curbs. I don't want to disturb my fellow neighbours. I've lived in the neighbourhood for almost 5yrs. I don't want to cause any problems with no one. Just trying to make ends meet until I find employment. Could you please let me know if this is bothering or annoying. This is a good thing to have tho it helps emergency vechicles find your place quicker plus pizza delivery guy too. Esp since I live on corner my door faces 64th but I have a park ave address very confusing to those looking for my house.

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jim hey first of all thank you for going to let me do your address for you. It really does help people finding your address esp at night time. Also dont worry about telling me no when i came to your house. i respect peoples wishes and i dont judge anyone. I tries to call you earlier today to set up a time to come paint it for you. I can do it any time you want. My #is 701 8265. Thank you again and can't wait to meet you again.
Thanks for doing ours, I'm very pleased that we did it and would love to see more on the curbs. (Our house numbers that we mounted by the front door are truthfully too small to read from the street - at least with my 40-something eyes they are!)


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