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Hello everyone I recently lost my job and separated my shoulder. I've been going door to door asking to paint address on curbs. I don't want to disturb my fellow neighbours. I've lived in the neighbourhood for almost 5yrs. I don't want to cause any problems with no one. Just trying to make ends meet until I find employment. Could you please let me know if this is bothering or annoying. This is a good thing to have tho it helps emergency vechicles find your place quicker plus pizza delivery guy too. Esp since I live on corner my door faces 64th but I have a park ave address very confusing to those looking for my house.

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Hi Bobby,

Sorry to hear about your situation; I hope things get better for you. As far as the lettering goes, I would think it's going to be a tough sell. In at least two different Warfleigh Neighborhood Association meetings, the police have told residents to call 911 for any mildly suspicious activity, and door-to-door offers for work were cited as examples of "suspicious activity". While I usually don't call 911 for things like that, I do tend to give anyone who comes to the door selling things a quick brush-off. It's too hard to tell the scammers from the real deal, so I say no to everyone, usually before they even say what it is they are selling.

The posts you've made here explain your intentions quite well, but keep in mind that most Warfleigh residents do not read this website on a regular basis, so they will probably be suspicious of any offers.

That's true it is hard lol. I just don't like to upset people and esp don't want to upset or annoy my fellow neighbours. I don't get mad when people say no I understand people prob do think its a scam. I do the job right there and then. And I understand about people not reading the web site too. I lived here almost 5yrs and just this week found out about it. Thank you for you input. It helps to know what everyone thinks about things God bless you and your family.
Bobby, we'll take you up on your offer and you gotta quit falling off your bike dude.
Lol trust me I don't plan on falling no more. Never been hurt like this before. Thanks when is a good time to come by and do it. Also where you located at
Nice job Bobby. We'll get the money to you. Check your inbox.
I love it!!! And I am very glad you knocked on my door. I saw you doing a neighbor's number and I was going to come ask you do do mine and there you were knocking on my door. It's a brilliant idea and more neighbors should take advantage of it. I have spread the word that you are out there doing it, so hopefully more people will take advantage of your service. Kudos to you for doing something positive in the neighborhood!
Thank you and thank you for letting me do yours. It does help! From my living room I can't see my neighbor's address on his house. So if I did have to call the police they would have to come here to my house first. They would see the police and might get away scott free. But now I can see his address and actually send the police there and bust them in the act. Yeah if you do know someone who would like theirs done let me know live on 64th park they can call me 701 8265. I knocked on a lot of doors didn't get answers on a lot of doors. So any help is great thank you again and God bless you and your home.
How much are your charging?
Its only 10 dollars I also spray it with a clear coating to help protect and seal it. It really does help a lot. With crimes on the rise any help getting the police there faster to catch these people in the act is great.
Sounds good. We'd like to get it done too. I'll call you to set things up.
Sounds great thank you I'll be going down your street today sometime this evening. You can also call to set a good time up my # is 701 8265

Thanks again
Hi Bobby. You came to my door and I said no. I am sad to say we don't normally even answer the door during the day because it is almost always someone from outside the neighborhood selling something or taking a survey.

Now I wish I had taken the time to find out a little more about you. If you can get in touch with me we can arrange a time to have the numbers painted on our curb. My cell is 847-2345

Thanks Jim


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