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It has been suggested that it's time to add some official structure to our neighborhood association. This topic will be broached and discussed at Sunday's meeting. Currently we do have two people who have come forward and are willing to serve/be elected as officers for the coming year (however we define the dates).
Will Carlson has put his hat in the ring for president/treasurer, and
Bridget Carson for vice president/secretary.
There will be no decisions/voting on Sunday. That we can reserve for our September meeting.
Anyone who is interested in serving, please come to the meeting or add your name here so we can put you on the "ballot" (if this idea goes). Maybe we'll have enough people that we can have 4 separate officers!

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Do we have any specifics on meeting location and time yet? I can create a new Event for the front page.
Hi All,

I am more than willing to serve but it would be great to get more folks involved! In this way we would not have to double up on offices/officers.

Bridget Carson
It does seem that it's time to give our group (& function) more structure. I'm more of a "behind the scenes" kind of person (not a candidate for an office) but I fully support the group & any officers selected. You, Will and Bridget have shown dynamic leadership skills and have been supportive, encouraging, and active in all respects with the Warfleigh Neighborhood group. The election of any or all of you would just be like formalizing the obvious.


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