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Hi neighbors, 

We're thinking about switching our neighborhood website to NextDoor.com.  The interface seems more modern and I really like the map where you can see the names of your neighbors who are a part of the site.  Please sign up and let me know what you think.  If/when we transition, we'd leave this site up for several months during the transition to give people time to move over. 

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Hmm... I guess I'm an odd bird.  I like the new interface.  I find it more friendly and inviting and "facebook-like".  I don't mind sharing my address with my neighbors as I think it will help me put names with locations and assist me in getting to know more of my neighbors.  Change is hard but I'm willing to give it a chance.

Thanks for your efforts, Anna.

I previously voted for the old site, but I do like getting the email notifications available on the NextDoor site. Can we pick one?


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