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Hi neighbors, 

We're thinking about switching our neighborhood website to NextDoor.com.  The interface seems more modern and I really like the map where you can see the names of your neighbors who are a part of the site.  Please sign up and let me know what you think.  If/when we transition, we'd leave this site up for several months during the transition to give people time to move over. 

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I don't technically live in Warfleigh. I live south of Kessler on Gladden. I get all my good flood info from you guys and have been active. NextDoor puts me in "west sobro". Will I still be able to read Warfleigh posts? I haven't played around with the site yet.

The only issue I have with this interface is that the newest replies to a thread are sometimes in the middle of the thread.  It would be nice if the threads stayed in chronological order.

Note how this reply is newer than Sarah's but on top of it.

Yeah, at first glance I was not thrilled about the site, either.  Many advertising postings and not things just for Warfleigh.  Personally, I like this site, not sure more modern is better.

I prefer the current site too.  I may not be the only person not interested in switching to a site where their address is attached to their name.  For me that doesn't seem safe.  Who makes the final decision on whether  the switch occurs?  Is it something to be discussed at a board meeting?

We're planning on discussing it at the next board meeting.  

What bothers me is that the site wants to "verify my address" by my giving them a credit card number, my phone number, or four digits of my SS number. I am not comfortable sharing any of this information with whomever is actually running this website. Or they can send me a post card with an access code. But don't want to get on more mailing lists!

Linda, I agree the verification is a bit much.   My guess is that it's all for show and there's no way they could verify that any for digits are the last 4 of a resident's social.  As an admin, I can approve anybody who enters a Warfleigh address and just approved several people, including you.  

I recently expanded the boundaries of Warfleigh for Nextdoor to include Garver Rd. and  all of Riverview Dr. north of Kessler, even though they're not technically Warfleigh.  

Chartley and Sarah, anyone who posts to the site has the option to post to Warfleigh only or Warfleigh and surrounding neighborhoods.  If you only want to see posts from Warfleigh, you can click the tab that says Warfleigh rather than the one that says "Warfleigh + 8 Nearby Neighborhoods".

Additionally, if we do go ahead with the move, I'll make a site that doesn't require a login that gives general information and announcements for the neighborhood.  Something like ardenindy.org .

I tried selecting Warfleigh but it still showed all listings when I then clicked on a category--not just the Classifieds, etc., for Warfleigh.
More feedback: When Niki McMahon tried to respond to my post on NextDoor to try to start a discussion thread, it went to my e-mail account instead. Oops!

I'd rather stay with the current site as well. It is simple and easy to use without having to muddle through a lot of information that is not relevant to our neighborhood. I definitely won't give out my personal information such as a credit card number, phone number or the last four of my social security just to have access to a website. There's no compelling reason to have to do that when all I want to do is find out about safety issues, concerns and activities in the immediate neighborhood.

I am not interested in having to enter my address to be verified and having it attached to my name on this website.  I know anyone at all can google me and know where I live, but I'm tired of just handing my info out to everyone and then getting inundated with ads because of it.

It's sounding like more people prefer the current site.  Thanks for all the helpful feedback!


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