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Is anyone interested in pooling our resources for advertising and having a garage sale on May 16 (weekend before Memorial day)??

I have a ton of things including many baby items that must leave our house soon. I'll probably have a sale that weekend regardless, but if anyone else is interested we could make a big event of it and hopefully drive more traffic. For those with kids, might be a good opportunity for lemonade stands too.

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Oops, it looks like you need a Google account to add a house to the map. If you don't have one and want to add your house, send me a message with your address and whatever you want to say about your stuff.
Joe, Please put us on the map

Sandy and Randy Harville
6208 Central
Okay, you guys are there now. Good luck.
Sorry everyone, I just tried to place the ad in the Gazette and I had my weeks confused. The new issue comes out tomorrow which means that it's too late to get it listed for the next two weeks. And the issue after that comes out on May 14 which seems a bit too close.

But there's still the Indystar.com online option. It would run for 7 days so I'd register on May 9. For start time I was thinking 8 am - does anyone have other ideas? It seems usually whatever time is listed, people show up earlier.
This would be great! We were thinking about doing a sale this particular weekend ourselves, so please count us in! We'll help with advertising cost.
I live 6208 Central and I would love to be in the garage sale on saturday 16 at my home.I used to have a booth at Midland Antique market and I have lots of stuff left over from there. Also my daughter has three girls and we have 3 bikes,toys and clothes from them.

If there is anything more I need to do let me know?
okay folks, here's what I'm planning to list on Craigs List and the Star. If anyone has corrections or changes let me know ASAP as I'm going to post both on Sunday. I thought I'd start a new post with the map and a list of addresses for the sale. anyone who'd like to participate and doesn't have their info on the map, Joe knows how to add it! Make sure you include a bit about what's going to be included. I assumed 8 - 4 was a reasonable time but if there are other preferences let me know as well!!

Sat May 16 from 8 am – 4 pm - Neighborhood Garage sale – homes throughout Warfleigh (west side of Broad Ripple) – most homes on 63rd Street between Meridian and College or just north or south of 63rd. Baby items, antiques, bikes, clothes, garden themed postcards & magnets,
Visit Warfleigh.net for map of locations (see Garage Sale post)
Hi Heather. I would include furniture and other household items as well.
I've added a section on the front page for the sale.
Heather, as an admin, you have access to edit the front page section. I'll still add people to the map as necessary.
Thanks Joe - I still can't figure out how to do it! I've spent countless hours tinkering...
Kit I'll definitely add that piece.
Is it too late to add us to the map?
6243 Central Avenue


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