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Is anyone interested in pooling our resources for advertising and having a garage sale on May 16 (weekend before Memorial day)??

I have a ton of things including many baby items that must leave our house soon. I'll probably have a sale that weekend regardless, but if anyone else is interested we could make a big event of it and hopefully drive more traffic. For those with kids, might be a good opportunity for lemonade stands too.

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Nope, it's not too late. You have been added.
THANKS! Let's hope the rain holds off!
I've added all the addresses that I've seen in this thread, but there are a bunch of people who are participating that are not on the map. Obviously, it's not mandatory or anything, but the more people get on the map, the more impressive the sale looks (to the people who bother to look at the map.)
I have updated our listing. Thanks for adding us, Joe. Now we actually have to get everything ready.
For the sale tomorrow, I can make signs but don't have any stands for them. Is anyone else planning to put directional signs up?
Anyone who wants to direct traffic north or south on Washington from 63rd is welcome to put a sign in our front yard (6279 Wash)
And lastly - ads are on CraigsList and the Star online. A dollar or two that can be thrown my way for the purchased ad would be appreciated.
I'm new to the neighborhood so I'm just getting the hang of this web site. Karen Rachels and I have also been wanting to get a garage sale together for June 6th. Anyone interested in participating on that weekend?


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