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Is anyone interested in pooling our resources for advertising and having a garage sale on May 16 (weekend before Memorial day)??

I have a ton of things including many baby items that must leave our house soon. I'll probably have a sale that weekend regardless, but if anyone else is interested we could make a big event of it and hopefully drive more traffic. For those with kids, might be a good opportunity for lemonade stands too.

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I can definitely bring over some stuff-just let me know what time etc.
We are going out that night for our 15th Anniversary so we would need to get the leftover stuff on Sunday afternoon.
Count me in....
Hi Heather,
Dave and I would certainly be interested in participating. Your date of May 16 sounds great.
Megan (6262 N Washington Blvd)
Hi Heather-
I KNOW I have stuff that I can put in the garage sale..you should see my garage AND basement!!
Count me in!

Amy and I have been talking about this for some time, so we would definitely want to be involved. Let us know how we can help.
Excellent! Sounds like a great opportunity also for lemonade stand at the corner of 63rd and Wash. I'll check into advertising options - keep chattering amongst neighbors and see if we can get some more interest.
Sounds fun, Laura and I would be happy to participate. Please let us know how we can help! Thanks,
Okay, a few ideas. It costs $15 for an online only ad in the StarNews. Craigs List is free. I'm estimating around $7 for an ad in the BR Gazette ($.35 per word). Any preferences??
Great idea. if I can get my stuff together I will participate. But even if I don't I'm happy to kick in 10 bucks for advertising.
I've created an "Event" for this here.

I've also created a Google Map here that will allow participating households to add a marker to their address and describe what they are selling (if they feel like it).

I could add an advertisement/link to the event on the front page, and if the print ads mention "Warfleigh.net", potential salers could see the map. Print off the map and voila!
Having a neighborhood garage sale is a wonderful idea! Do we need to make posters and put them up, in addition to running an ad in the BRVA Gazette? I know it will be successful and I hope it becomes an annual event!
Just wondering if it was ever decided to have the garage sale. I'd like to participate and am willing to chip in for advertising cost.

Lisa Strachota
6479 Broadway
yes we are definitely having it! Click on Joe's link (above) to add your address. Right now most of the participants are within half a block of 63rd street along Delaware, Park & Washington. So if it's okay I think the Gazette ad will focus on 63rd with the website mentioned for more addresses. I'll happily point people in the directions of other houses. I'm guessing $1 per household should cover it, and if you're planning to come to the neighborhood meeting on Sunday you can just pay me then!

I think it's the weekend of the BR Art fair, so those on Park & Broadway should have a lot of traffic.


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