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a woman was walking two dogs on long zip leases , her dogs were on top of mine before she knew it , her dogs were a Yorkshire terrier type , silver / gold trim, the larger dog was husky/ chow -ish ,, 55 lbs or so,, pointy ears and snout.. my dog was severely injured, and the woman left and never came back to give her I.D. so she is hiding ,, or from out of town, the woman had black / silver hair with shorter cut middle aged..
my dog 's chain keeps her 6 feet from the side walk,, her dogs were 15 feet from her..

any help would be great ,, the next time the dogs attack., it might be someone's child

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That doesn't sound like anyone I've seen around 62nd & Delaware, but there are many, many dog walkers in Warfleigh I've never seen. Hope your pup feels better, that's a pretty nasty bite!
That's a horrible bite, poor puppy! I'll keep my eyes open, I've never seen the described threesome either.
That's not familiar to me either, but you live relatively far from Warfleigh from a walking perspective. Maybe you'd have better luck on the MKNA site, maybe one of their residents has seen this threesome.

Hope your puppy is feeling better.


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