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Have you seen my beautiful kitty, Valentino (Val)?  He is an indoor/outdoor cat, out most nice days, in at night and when it is too cold - and so friendly, that he has been known to hop into your car, just to say hello!  He is very well cared for and loved, and his family misses him!! He is chipped, fixed and vaccinated.  Please call me 372-3407 and I will come and retrieve my little trouble-maker! His brother, Giacomo (Jack) misses his company, as well!!

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You can also email me at jimdeehart@yahoo.com!!

Hi, what street do you live on? When I walk my dogs I'll keep an eye out. I also have an indoor/outdoor cat so maybe he will come visit us. I think I've seen him around but not today.
We live on Riverview. He loves to go through the trees that separate our backyard from that of those in Meridian West. Thank you for keeping an eye out for him!
Sarah have you seen a large black & gray possibly feral cat with rings on his tail? He's been known to bully my cats & my neighbor's cats...
I don't think I've seen the cat you described. My cat is big and gray but no black. I don't think my cat ever goes to Riverview. You still haven't found your cat?

I have not yet found my cat! ;(  I really believe that he made  his way to a house behind us, which is his norm, and someone has taken him into their home!  I just hope that whoever does have him, will eventually take him to a vet, he is chipped!  I do admit, I am getting a bit worried now!

Still no sign of my kitty?! :(  I really do think that someone in the area has him...or hope!  I keep hoping that someone will take him to a vet to see if he has been chipped - which he has!!  Anyone out there recognize him????

Dee -- Have you checked all the missing pet websites?  Sure hope your baby comes home.

Hi, I'm sure you're already doing this but have you been leaving food out? Are you also checking the shelters ? I really hope he comes home soon!


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