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    Has anyone heard anything about about future construction plans involving the Meridian St. bridge?  I have heard rumors from construction/engineer/architect sources that the bridge and riverbed below is in much worse shape than expected and that it needs replaced entirely.  Seems that could take a couple years to accomplish. 

Just kinda curious whether anyone has heard anything from a reliable source.


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I brought up the Central Ave. bridge just last week, but I'm not sure who answers to who on these bridges. I'm all for it in the name of safety.

While we're on the topic, anyone notice the Illinois St. bridge over the canal? Chunks of concrete you can see have fallen off the supporting legs of the bridge. I don't go that way much but it's more than noticeable if you are westbound.

There will be a DPW rep at the WNA Annual Meeting tomorrow - perhaps she could address some of these issues?

Not positive, but I think the chunks of concrete you are referring to are from the top of bridge where cars have hit it. The missing pieces have been replace by metal guard rails~

Here's what I can report from the engineering firm's project manager:


The contractors tentative schedule is to resume work at the job site the week of February 24, 2012.  The first week of March 2012 the traffic will be restricted to two lanes on the East side of the bridge.  This traffic pattern will be the same as was utilized last fall.  Tentatively on May 23, 2012, the traffic will be switched to two lanes on the new West side of the bridge.  

The reconstruction of the East half of the bridge is very extensive and will require the remainder of 2012 to complete. 

The Substantial Completion date for the contract will be the middle of December 2012. 

Indy DPW will probably release a public information notice prior to the start of the construction activities this spring.

So we might have Riverview closed for the rest of the year?  Ugh.  I know I've said on other threads that I love the reduction in thru-rtaffic with Riverview closed, but it really does make it harder for us residents to get in and out of the neighborhood!

Reduction in through traffic? Not on the 62nd block of Delaware.

What is happening on Westfield Blvd just west of Meridian to Illinois?  They are closing it to thru traffic this coming week~

I would love to know! Not to mention the pile of gravel and the construction trailer at Washington and 64th.

From what I have heard, Westfield will remain closed for an extensive period of time for several reasons including the build-out of a park (with playgound equipment) on the lot just north of The Meridian House, traffic slowing patterns at that intersection to make the park more easily accessible, the vertical parking lot mixed-use building going up at College and Westfield, and the start of a city-wide bicentennial initiative called "Restoring our Waterways." 

While the closing of Westfield does not have anything to do with the construction work being done on the Meridian St. bridge, it does pose some terrible timing for all of Warfleigh residents.

Wow! We're going to be locked in here pretty soon!  Did one of our Warfleigh residents make the Mayor or DPW upset this winter?!  ;-)

Though I do love the idea of traffic slowing to allow better access across Meridian at Westfield - we bike there often.

Maybe - but now we have an escape route to Arden over the land bridge :)

Yes, I heard they are making the intersection (meridian/westfield) more pedestrian friendly~


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