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Craziest story ever. Wednesday evening I got a knock on my door from a nice lady who said she knew where the pig was. She lives in an apartment complex and saw it on the back of a flat bed tow truck when she went to pay her rent. She knew it was ours because she drives down 62nd all the time and recognized her. She asked the apartment manager about it and was told it was found in an apartment. I contacted the apartment complex first thing yesterday and explained that she was stolen property. They were kind enough to deliver her to us! Apparently she was found in a 3rd floor walk up apartment that was vacated by the former tenant. He apparently was a bouncer in a bar in Broad Ripple and must have found Lulu irresistible. We intend to restore her to her proper place once I can bury a few hundred pounds of concrete that I will then chain her to. For now she has taken up residence in our back yard. We plan a small luau in her honor once she's back in place! Our pig found her way home. Whodda thunk it!

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WooHoo! Sara will be so happy that Lulu is back!

Armando & Tabi  -- This is great news.  I had so feared for her safety...hooray for the apartment manager et al.  Did you have your vet check her out?  :-)   Here's a riddle:

How many inebriated Neanderthals (or Cro-Magnon...don't want to discriminate) does it take to haul a 300 pound pig up three flights of stairs?


Do you still need jars?

Yay!  And really, like Chris said - how hard must it have been to haul her up to a 3rd floor?!?


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