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Anyone else hear a couple very loud bang sounds around 4am on Sat?

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Some neighbors were having a very loud argument in the street right about then near 62nd and Park and something was loud enough to rouse me for it.
We're in the 66th and college area and it woke both my wife and I out of a dead sleep.

 We heard it too-- as did several other neighbors on Park.  First sounded like a transformer exploding....then second BANG was more like gunshot.  None of us called 911.  That is probably what we should do when this happens-- even if its "nothing".  Keep the police alert and on patrol in our neighborhood. 

You are absolutely right, Jill.  The IMPD officers WANT us to let them know when something isn't right.  We should ALL call 911 if we are suspicious about ANYTHING, day or night.  More calls about suspicious activity equate to more attention given to the places where stuff happens.

Good point...I'll definitely make a call if something like this happens again.
I did not hear that noise. Saturday night around 11:00 pm I was driving home from my friend's house in Meriden Kessler and I noticed the police patrolling her neighborhood. Lately it seems like I don't see many patrol cars in our area. About 2 months ago there were people walking down the street being extremely loud and throwing beer bottles in yards, I called the police and they never showed up! I literally saw 8 patrol cars parked on Broad Ripple Avenue last night, in my opinion they should be patrolling instead of hanging out at the bars!

Patrol cars parked on Broad Ripple Ave. are there because they are off duty from IMPD, and hired privately by individual bars for security.  The regular patrol officers do not hang out with the off duty officers.  The on duty patrol officers are out patrolling the streets. 

I went out last Sat night approx 11:30 pm to the convenience store on the Avenue (across the street from OPT)...there were literally 5-6 patrol Cops hanging out in there telling war stories... if they are off duty do they were there uniforms?  ...i Dont think so...   I occasionally see a patrol officer in her car by the Red box /CVS location, though it would be nice to see IMPD make more of a patrolling presence in Warfleigh.

Officers are allowed to wear uniforms, use their cars, etc. when moonlighting, but I believe they need permits or some sort of approval for it.  The officers you saw are almost definitely off-duty and being paid by several of the bars in the area to maintain a presence and to be on hand to take care of unruly customers. If the bars weren't paying for these officers in their downtime to be there, we'd probably be seeing more regular patrol cops being siphoned away to the area.

If I were a moonlighting officer, I wouldn't work *inside* the bar either, especially back when smoking was allowed.  They probably just wait until bouncers either call them over or toss a drunk their way.


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