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Could anyone give me more information on the odds of getting into school 84 for a kid who has no older siblings but lives in Warfleigh?  I haven't been able to find much online.  I'd love to know how many apply and how many get in.  It's still many years away, but we're tying to educate ourselves. 

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The best thing you can and should do is visit School 91 as well as a compare and contrast.  I have students at both schools (84 and 91).  My younger two are are 91.   The academics are as good, of not better at School 91.  If you call the IPS Office of Student Assignment, they can give you an idea of what the wait lists have been the past few years. 

Because we are in the physical boundaries, we do have preference - but that said, there are many families interested!  The wait list changes every year, depending on how many incoming kindergartners.  It can fluctuate dramatically.

I agree with Jeff - I hear wonderful things about School 91 as well, and know a few high school & college kids that began there - all outstanding students.

Hope that helps!



There are 2 Kindergarten classes of about 20 each. So, about 40 kids total get in. I have no idea how many apply. We were a new family last year with no older sibs and lucked out. We're really happy with 84. We have several neighborhood friends at 91 who like it too.  It is very stressful with the lotto and not knowing if you'll get in. Good Luck.


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