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Today, our dog Moto got loose and has not returned. She is brindle (brown and black) and white. She is about 35 pounds and a little alker and leaner than a stadard beagle (she is pute mutt). She is very sweet, but a bit skittish. If you happen to see her or know if her whereabouts, please call us at 317-348-4288 or email me at cgkemper @ gmail.com. She is very much loved and missed. 

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Wow. My spelling us horrible. She is taller and leaner than a standard beagle. 
Moto has returned! Woot!

Great, glad to hear it!


...is this Moto?:





So you got Moto back through the Facebook posting???? Hope so 'cause I love a happy ending to a pet story!
Moto returned on her own and to my knowledge, she did not have access to Facebook while away.  I think someone just needed a night out on the town.  She came back very tired and with a slight limp, but otherwise in good shape and good spirits.
YAAY, glad to hear it!


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