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Please recommend your favorite pet sitter!  I would like to hire a pet sitter who lives in Warfleigh or nearby -  someone who is dependable, honest, "quick to act" and a true animal nut.  I have two very human friendly dogs who prefer to stay in their own home while I'm away.  Thank you!  (I'm a 20+ year photo pro and website creator who is willing to barter if that is preferred).  

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I live just north of St. Pauls on Meridian St. W. Dr..  I have a ten year old Basenji, and my fiancee does Pet Portraits, www.bestinshow.com, I have a Health and Life Insurance business I run out of our home, and sales have been slow due to the economy, so I have time to take care of your pooches.  I would like to look at bartering on web or cash.  I look forward to speaking with you.  My contact info is

Scott Bell, bellman5@yahoo.com, 590-3868. 6133 Meridian St. W. Dr.


Take care,


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