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I wanted to start a new thread as the flood ins. thread was getting a bit cumbersome for me.  And I wanted to relate some hearsay I have received from a few realtors in the last few days.

I am getting ready to put my house back on the market and so far I have talked to 2 different realtors.  Both of whom had interesting information on the levee project.  

Realtor #1 stated that we (Warfleigh) need to come together and get the local government to push FEMA to declare the levee project complete.  That the whole thing with Rocky Ripple and the extension around 56st wasn't in the plan and there isn't any money for it.  If FEMA can be convinced that the project is complete as is, then they can set about the business of redrawing the flood maps.

Realtor #2 told me that she spoke with another realtor who closed on her own house a week after BW went into effect.  Anyway, apparently this realtor is on the board at the Rivi and said that it would be at least 2 years until the levee project was completed.

There is good information here, but nothing on timing or on what alternative, if any, is going to be pursued.   

What is clear to me is that we need to present a untied front to our local government and get them to do the heavy lifting with FEMA to wrap up this levee project.

-Chris Ley

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I don't think realtor #1 is correct.  I highly doubt they'd call an incomplete levee "complete" as apparently floodwater could backflow from the area of the Rivi.  RR is out as it sits and we need to be sure they don't reconsider their inclusion as it would triple the budget and greatly extend the delays.  We need to be unified on that.

That said, if FEMA would be willing to redraw maps we should definitely pursue it, but I can't see it happening.

I agree wholeheartedly re: the unified front.   Hopefully our new leadership will pursue this important issue better.

Does anyone know when Marion County will publish the Preliminary Digital Flood Rate Map?  I keep going to the site and Marion county is blank..



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