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Large Yellow and White Male Dog Found at 6235 Central Ave.

Hi! I found a large yellow/tan and white male dog with no collar wandering around on Central Ave. He's very friendly. Does he belong to any one in Warfleigh? He's hanging out it my back yard now, but I don't think we have room to add a 3rd dog to the family. Please call Beth at 312-285-6332 if you know any thing about this furry guy.

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UPDATE-- dog was claimed by it's rightful owner on Park Ave.


If anyone comes across this dog again, it's name is Zeke and he is super friendly. I encourage you to call the number above (my wife, Beth's) or my own (Joe's) which is 317-517-7474.


The owner says his dog is a recent rescue and has gotten out numerous times. So again, call one of us if you come across Zeke.






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