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Does anyone have a recommendation for surveyors? Bethany and I are looking into mapping out the dimensions of our property for various reasons. The original assessment doesn't tell us much. There are a lot of surveyors, so I don't know where to start.


Joe Fox

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My friend Angie recommends Hahn Surveying or ARE Surveying.


Big changes are coming on the flood insurance front. All of us are going to be required to get an elevation certificate for our homes before our flood insurance can be renewed. I'm thinking we need to band together and get someone to do these for us and give us a good discount in the process. You can probably get your property boundaries thrown into that pot.

Where did you hear this new requirement?

That sounds like a plan, though neither of us heard anything about this requirement. It wasn't in our last correspondence with FEMA or our provider so I'm confused also. I'm going to follow up with our provider as soon as I can. Oddly enough my request for a surveyor didn't have anything to do with the flood plain but that is a hot ticket in Warfleigh these days. I certainly would be interested in a "group rate".

We had ours done several years ago. It could have been the Hahn folks. I am not sure who did our elevation thing, it just appeared in the mail.

We've rec'd the info from our insurance co. You will now have to provide an elevation certificate within 29 days of the annual premium renewal date in order for your flood insurance to continue, albeit at an "elevated rate" - ha ha. If your renewal date isn't soon, you may not get the info from your provider until closer to your renewal date. There have been New York Times articles and I have a copy of some info, nicely provided by Chris Carson.

I'm calling several survery companies and trolling for good rates. Stay posted.

Interesting, I have heard rates may increase, but nothing official at all from FEMA.  State Farm (our provider via FEMA), has said nothing re: elevation.

I don't know if you guys are familiar with Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, but a digital project from IUPUI/Indy Public Library allowed for the digitization of the whole city's Sanborn maps. They are in greater detail than a lot of modern day maps and are a survey standard.


I don't know if that link is going to take you straight there but you want Baist Atlas Plan #35 (1927) to see all of Warfleigh as of that year.

And the elevation for FEMA is from the bottom of your basement...lowest point in the house....

...and their required insurance doesn't cover that basement.  /soapbox


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